Markets for Rejuvenated Stem Cells

After FDA-mandated work on the safety and effectiveness of RS cells is obtained, the RS cells can be utilized by hospitals and clinics for a wide range of age-related disorders and medical conditions.  RS cells have the potential to save billions of dollars by curing or greatly improving age related conditions that are now treated as chronic disorders needing continuous medical intervention. 

For example, bone marrow stem cells transplants have been used for decades in the treatment of cancer.  Injection of RS cells into a patient’s bone marrow should be far superior to the current adult stem cell treatments, as they will enable higher doses of chemotherapy and provide more potent RS cells.  Injection of youthful RS cells into a patient’s bone marrow can provide immunodeficiency patients with a huge boost to their immune system whether their immunodeficiency is caused by primary immunodeficiencies or old age.

As a second example, some 50 million people live with dementia with a global cost of over $800 billion.  Despite more than a thousand clinical trials, there is no cure.  Stem cell therapy for AD has enormous promise and the preclinical data indicate proof-of-concept.  RS stem cells could provide the needed stem cells to reverse Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases.  Given that dementia involves neuronal cell death and brain shrinkage, stem cell injection to regenerate new neurons may be the only possible cure.

RS cells are also game changers for other technologies such as gene editing or tissue engineering to replace or improve your tissues or organs.  Moreover, the RS cells can be frozen for decades in liquid nitrogen to be used in any future emergency.   Thus, Centagen’s RS cell technology system has the potential to transform regenerative medicine in the areas of systemic age reversal, organ transplants, and gene therapy.