Centagen has developed an engineered system to age reverse your stem cells and regenerate tissues and organs in humans of any age.

To solve the problem of aging, injury or disease, this patent-pending system can be used to epigenetically reprogram older adult stem cells into newborn-like age reversed stem cells. The number of cells is then expanded by a million times.  The biologically younger stem cells can be injected into the human or mammal they came from and/or stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen.

The father-son hands above show how nature solves the aging problem: embryonic stem cells reset the clock to zero for each new generation!  Scientists have reprogrammed adult cells into induced embryonic stem (iPS) cells.  Such iPS cells have been used to make baby mice with a normal lifespan.

While aging cells are typically being replaced with younger cells by our adult stem cells, these stem cells also age.  The replacement of old cells thus declines with age, leading to the buildup of dysfunctional senescing cells.  The end results are exponential increases in the rates of systemic aging, disability, and chronic disease.