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Activating epidermal stem cells can lead to thicker hair (see below.) Compounds that stimulate your own stem cells may have many positive benefits. (more)



Adult Stem Cell Therapeutics

The Problem

  • Everyone has adult stem cells for repairing organs and tissues

  • Stem cells decline in number and function with age, disease, or injury

  • With stem cell decline, tissue renewal declines and organs start performing poorly

Solution I

  • Design therapeutics that promote stem cell function by directly stimulating body's adult stem cells

  • Design therapeutics that reduce inflammation, toxin levels, and fibrosis in organs to provide optimal environment for body's adult stem cells

  • Design therapeutics that promote healthy circulation and hormone levels to provide optimal micro- environment for adult stem cells

Solution II

  • Small number of Adult Stem Cells are removed from your blood or fat

  • Stem Cells are expanded a million fold in incubator and rejuvenated without changing stem cell state

  • Revitalized Stem Cells are then injected back into a particular body system to cure dysfunction or disease

  • Is safe and non-immunogenic - uses no genetic engineering or mutagens

Centagen has developed a technology platform to rejuvenate and expand adult stem cells extracted from a patients own fat, bone marrow or blood. These can be utilized to promote organ and gland regeneration plus a longer health span.

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