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Activating epidermal stem cells can lead to thicker hair (see below.) Compounds that stimulate your own stem cells may have many positive benefits. (more)



Business and Clinical Strategy

  • Stimulate patient's own Adult Stem Cells in the body

  • Enhance micro-environment around patient's stem cells

  • Multiply patient's stem cells in incubator and then inject millions of revitalized stem cells back into patient

Centagen develops protocols and techniques for expanding AS cells in the patient's body or for expanding a patient's AS cells some million fold in special stem cell incubators while preventing cell aging or functional loss. In developing incubator stem cell techniques, Centagen will be able to remove AS cells from a patient in a doctor's office visit, isolate and expand their own AS cells in the cell incubator for several weeks without aging or changing them, and then return the expanded AS cell population to the patient. We are also developing the technology to return AS cells to a more youthful state. The source of AS cells can be from whole blood, bone marrow, belly fat, facial or body skin, nasal passage, hair follicle, or dental tissue. Returning the greatly expanded adult stem cell population back to the patient has the potential to regenerating many tissues and organs. Many off-shore clinics are already providing patients with some AS services and Centagen could greatly help these clinics by expanding their patients' AS cells to greatly enhance AS therapeutic efficacy. Our proprietary technology is furthest along using AS cells from blood, which can form into many end tissues in blood vessels, bone, cartilage, immune system, retina, kidney, and heart.

Centagen has developed a technology platform to rejuvenate and expand adult stem cells extracted from a patients own fat, bone marrow or blood. These can be utilized to promote organ and gland regeneration plus a longer health span.

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