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Activating epidermal stem cells can lead to thicker hair (see below.) Compounds that stimulate your own stem cells may have many positive benefits. (more)



Centagen has developed a technology platform to rejuvenate and expand adult stem cells extracted from a patients own fat, bone marrow or blood. These can be utilized to promote organ and gland regeneration plus a longer health span.

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Stem cells: A fountain of youth?

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Stem Cell and Longevity Therapeutics

Centagen has developed multi path therapeutica that targets stem cell, IGF hormones, genetic instability, and energy production. Stem cells decline with age leading to dysfunctinal body repair. Genetic stability declines with age leading to cell dysfunction. Energy product declines with age leading to frailty and fatigue. IGF hormones increase with age leading to age-related disorders. Centagen nutraceuticals promotes adult stem cell plasticity.

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