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Activating epidermal stem cells can lead to thicker hair (see below.) Compounds that stimulate your own stem cells may have many positive benefits. (more)



Centagen has developed a technology platform to rejuvenate and expand adult stem cells extracted from a patients own fat, bone marrow or blood. These can be utilized to promote organ and gland regeneration plus a longer health span.

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Intellectual Property and Licensing

Centagen has filed several patents on its multi path drugs and nutraceuticals. Centagen's multi path treatments are combinations of several compounds that are safe and effective as daily preventatives for aging and common age-related disorders such as chronic fatigue, dementia, immune deficiencies, organ failure, osteoporosis, and vision problems. The central target of treatment is stem cell function.

Organs in general and stem cells in particular tend to become more dysfunctional with age. Centagen has developed multi path treatments that promote adult stem cell growth and stability (e.g. pericytes associated with capillary walls.), so Centagen's therapeutics can naturally repair blood circulation, organs, and tissues traumatized by aging, disease, or injury. These novel regenerative treatments are a major advance in slowing aging, while promoting vitality and a long healthy life.

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